• Image of Oddbark-Cemetery Clod

Whilst journeying through the the parts of Heartwood you have been specifically told not to walk in, you start to notice the gnarled tree branches of the ancient oaks, known in the local village as Oddbark. Is that one beckoning you deeper into the undergrowth? One contorted, knotted finger pointing right at your quivering feeble body? Beckoning you deeper...deeper towards certain de-

Oh he's trying to get your attention because he's got a bit of tombstone stuck in his bark. Maybe if it didn't eat so fast it wouldn't get in this mess.

Standing at just over 4 inches tall Clod is a great opener to the Oddbark series this new range of characters that will be expanding so keep a look out for them as their roots spread about the Heartwood!

Traditionally sculpted by Emily Endelaine, Oddbark have been moulded, cast and hand painting in our studio in the south of England.

Postage in the UK is second class signed for and overseas is signed and tracked. Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping as these products are made by hand to order; although orders won't usually take that long to fulfill. These are 'Art Toys' and are intended for adult collectors, please be aware they are not suitable for children.